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  2. SKILLCONNECT.GG CS:GO VIP PERKS General Reserved slot - For this to work, join via the console by typing “connect server ip” or join a server with less players and use !servers to move to the server that you want. VIP Chat Tag - Fancy [VIP] tag infront of your name. ResetScore - Reset your score in-game! Fun StatTrak - Access to StatTrak kill counter which saves your kills on a selected weapon across all of our servers.
  3. fluxylynx

    Forum Rules

    SKILLCONNECT.GG FORUM RULES GENERAL RULES APPLY HERE Do not spam the forum with useless threads or posts in important discussion threads, such as suggestions or appeals. If you want to create a thread for fun, post it in the General Discussion forum. If the topic is serious (ex. Staff Section, Reports, Appeals, Suggestions). You must stay on topic. Otherwise your posts will be deleted. Take off-topic comments to private messages. Under no circumstance should you bring drama and arguing into chatbox. Take it to private messages. Do not impersonate Staff. Pretending to be a Staff member at any rank is a bannable offense. This includes the use of Staff tags, such as SC ADMIN in any form. Do not post or share explicit/ obscene content on the forums. This is a PUBLIC community forum. Please respect the fact that many users browse the community forum freely, including younger audiences.
  4. Just so you understand, being an Admin on our servers isn't about the powers. It's about keeping peace and order and dealing with people who are ruining the experience of others. What many players wanting to be an admin overlook is that it isn't as fun as it seems. People argue with you all the time and simply gagging or muting or banning them isn't going to make it stop. There are people who WILL actually make their primary goal in life to make websites, produce slander all over the servers ETC just to bring you down. Before you make an application you must first ask yourself, "do I want to help SkillConnect servers even though people will try to take me down or do I want some extra powers to play with for a short time before demotion and even after demotion still have people trying to bring me down? Requirements: Minimum of 10 Posts (No Exceptions) Active on Forums (1 Week) Active In-Game Having Steam for over a year (Can be overlooked) Clean Reputation on Steam and in our servers (Can be overlooked depending on severity) Age 16+ (Can be overlooked if very mature) Want to improve your chance? Hang out with us on Discord (Invite: https://discord.gg/S5My7mf) Get to know more staff Have a great attitude Be mature (but know when you can have fun) Contribute with discussions on the forums, do not spam And remember to put in effort in your application =============================================Copy and Paste Template Below======================================= Need ONLY ONE Voice Recording Of The Two Links Supplied Below, NOT BOTH! (Unless You Want To) - Click this link https://vocaroo.com/ and record your voice. Then post the voice recorded link for us to review. (Must have a voice recording posted to be considered): - (Vocaroo is preferred; this is the backup) Click this link https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder and record your voice. Then post the voice recorded link for us to review. (Must have a voice recording posted to be considered): - Minimum Age must be 16+ - Check | Uncheck - Minimum of 10 fair posts, meaning Related/Non-Spam replies and threads on the forums. - (The forums will not let you apply until you meet this requirement) Check | Uncheck - You have to be active on our Forums (1 Week) and Servers BEFORE/AFTER your App has been accepted. - Check | Uncheck - You should be mature, professional, and be able to have fun at the same time. - Check | Uncheck - You're not allowed to change your name once you're a staff member! - (May only get a name change later through a request from a Director that is approved) Check | Uncheck - You have to have a mic and be able to use it AT ALL TIMES!!!!! - This also means that you must use your mic, not just know it works and you have one. Check | Uncheck - Minimum 1 year registered on steam. To view exactly, you will get a 1, 2, 3 etc. badge for every year on steam. Check your badges. - (Alternate/ previous Steam accounts do not count) Check | Uncheck - You must be able to speak, write, and understand English, so that other people can understand you. - Check | Uncheck - YOU MUST HAVE A CLEAN REPUTATION ! - Therefore no server bans or communication restrictions (mutes/ gags) on SourceBans, and no 'Scammer Tag' on SteamRep. (You may still be considered if your punishments are old and you have improved your in-game activity/ behavior since then) Check | Uncheck - Willing to donate once in a while. - Check | Uncheck - You must have a Total Connection time on the server group you apply for of at least 24 hours. - (You can find your connection time here; enter your Steam nickname and click "Find Now") Check | Uncheck Steam Name: SteamID: How old are you?: What country do you live in (Example: US, CANADA, NETHERLANDS, etc.)?: When are you on our servers weekdays and weekends (Everyday)? For example (From 2 pm to 11 PM) : What skills do you feel you have that will help the community? (Try and vary your reasons. Also, please don't state things that we know you need to become admin [Professional, Fun, Mature, Do Your Job, and Not here just for the benefits of power]) : Do you have any experience as an Administrator before?: If so please explain: Do you have a microphone?: Why should you be an Admin? Minimum 1 paragraph (Don't just tell us why you want to be an admin; tell us why you deserve it: Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know (Try not to repeat what has already been stated. You do not have to answer this, but please try your best since everything does count [First Impression]: Which server(s) would you like to apply for?: ONLY CHOOSE 1 SERVER GROUP Retakes / Executes AWP Only VSH (TF2) You can find the list of all our servers at: https://bans.skillconnect.gg/ Please answer these questions to the best of your ability as who you are. These questions are designed for you to portray an example of yourself so being honest is key. Dishonesty can EASILY lead to Demotion so just be yourself. The questions below will hold most of our judgement excluding references. We HIGHLY suggest you do multiple well thought and clear sentenceS to answer these. ======================================================= Question 1: In at least 10 words, describe your entire personality in life. ======================================================= Question 2: What do you personally feel makes you stand out above the other applicants who have applied and have been either accepted or declined? ======================================================= Question 3: If you were in a situation where one of our higher ranking staff (admin/director) personally dislikes you and spreads his/her feelings to other players or staff. How would you deal with the situation? ======================================================= Question 4: A staff member has been called into a server because he received a report from a few members on the server about your closest friend breaking server rules and is going to ban your closest friend. few players made the report against him and a few players are commenting that they don't know what he has done. What would you do in this situation? ======================================================= Question 4: Someone calls you to a server because someone claims someone is hacking, and say they have proof. You then join the server, and to you it looks like the "hacker" is a good player, not a hacker. You look at the screen shot/ Demo with some really suspicious skills. What would you do in this situation? ===================================================== TERMS AND CONDITIONS: If you have been accepted as an admin, you are expected to be active on BOTH the forums & the servers. If you've been inactive on either the forums or servers for a month, your admin will be removed without warning. Do you agree with these terms (Must Say Yes To Be Considered!)?: ================================================================================ WAIT!!!! BEFORE POSTING YOUR WORK LOOK IT OVER CAREFULLY BECAUSE YOU CAN'T EDIT IT AFTER YOU POST IT SO PLEASE TAKE ONE LAST LOOK TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. ONCE YOUR APP IS POSTED THE AMOUNT OF -SUPPORTS AND +SUPPORTS WILL HOLD/JUDGE MOST OF YOUR CHANCE OF BEING DENIED OR ACCEPTED. IF DENIED YOU MUST WAIT 1 MONTH OR A DIFFERENT AMOUNT OF TIME IF SPECIFIED BY A HEAD ADMIN BEFORE RE-APPLYING!!!!
  5. fluxylynx

    General Rules

    SKILLCONNECT.GG GENERAL RULES Rules are simple here: Act friendly to everyone: *Don't be a douche. *No offensive language. *No racism, or racial slurs, allowed at anytime (includes discrimation and bigoting). *Do not disrespect, purposely aggravate or annoy other players or Admins. *No begging, especially for credits. (begging for minor things like a certain weapon is allowed to a very limited degree) *Do not give preferential treatment to any player. Don't exploit maps and bugs at all. You will be punished for doing so! * This includes exploit of races-- meaning you can't be 2 or more races at once. (TF2 - War3) *If you find a bug, report it here. Do not ask for a Staff rank. You must apply through our staff application threads which can be found here. Do not micspam music over other player's music (multispam). Do not advertise other servers outside of SkillConnect.GG. Do not trade over mic. Don't intentionally impersonate other players or staff. This includes adding a tag to your name (e.g SC Admin) Hacking in any way, shape or form will result in a perma-ban. No NSFW sprays, such as horrific gore or porn. No spawn camping; it will result in a warning/ slay. Only English on microphone. Any other language will result in a mute. Mic-spamming is allowed with HLDJ/SLAM on most servers, unless otherwise specified. Any other method of micspamming, such as playing music through your microphone, will result in a mute. Voice changers on the other hand, are not allowed as they are very annoying. No Rapid Killing yourself prior to round start (TF2).
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